Interested in a partnership?

Hello! We’re Afound and our business idea is giving great fashion new life. We partner up with established brands, global and local ones, and sell your products through our digital and physical stores. Off-price like no one's ever seen before. Some might call us an outlet while others might call us heroes of our time. Both might be true, but we’re focused on one thing only – creating a world of great deals for the many people.

  • A sustainable choice

    We give great fashion new life by moving your products from overstock into a multi-channel and premium environment. Pleasing the brand, the consumer and the earth.

  • Flexible business models

    We offer a flexible partnership that will suit your needs. All brands, products and customers are unique, together we’ll create a tailored business model to achieve common success.

  • Engaging experience

    By exposing off-price products in a full-price experience with a great brand mix, from high street fashion to premium, and a strong focus on personal style – we add extra value to your products and help you reach new customers through engaging campaigns.

What we do

We meet the customers where they are - through an elevated digital experience supported by prime store locations. As the customers search for great deals on quality brands, our aim is to provide a curated experience of seasonless fashion. A partnership with Afound enables activation of your products beyond seasons. We give the products a new and elevated life in an inspiring fashion environment – all with a sustainable mindset.

We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships

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